Logo Design

Do you need a new logo design?

The logo is often the first place to start when setting out the style/brand of a new business, it is an important part of a company's image and will often be seen in multiple situations - on and offline.

When considering the logo for your business think about how it will look when displayed in different sizes - don't only consider how will it look on your website or business stationery, but, will it be readable in a smaller size, such as, being embedded in social media images or will it look ok when blown up to a larger size for signage or posters.

Our Logo Design Process

Contact us to go over what you require. We will then draw up a batch of different concepts and develop the one/s which suit your needs. There is no limit on the number of ideas (if you don't like any in the initial set then we will happily design more). We will continue to make refinements to the logo design until you are totally happy. 

Once we have designed your business logo you will have complete ownership and copyright over it. It will be yours to do with what you please. 

We will supply the logo in a variety of formats (jpg, pdf, svg, png, eps), which can be used for web, social media and print etc.

Logo design quote

We have designed tons of successful logos. Below is a selection of a few:

Space Estates logo design
Logo for a Building Maintenance Company
Logo designed for the Ashdown Forest Living Community Magazine
Logo designed for building company
Logo designed for sales generation company
Logo for a cleaning company
Logo designed for a flooring company in Brighton
Logo for a magazine in Brighton
Logo design for a company based in Hong Kong
Logo designed for a diamond and jewellery trading company
logo for a bakery
Logo designed for property company
Logo design for a gold trading company
Logo designed for a care provider
Logo design for a recruitment company in Brighton
Logo design for kids clothing company
Logo design for double glazing company
Logo designed for a stock trading company: London Stone Group
Logo design for Community magazine Cumbrian Local
logo designed for a magazine company
Logo designed for a dating agency
Logo design for a company in Gibraltar
Logo designed for a computer repair company
logo designed for building company
Logo designed for radio station in Cumbria
Logo designed for solar company
Logo designed for recruitment company
Logo designed for London based finance company
Logo designed for online gardening and plants store
Logo design for  yoga business
Clermont Group Logo design
Logo for a commodity trading company
Logo for a production company
Bookkeeping company logo
Logo for a packaging company
Logo for property consultant
Logo for a roofing company

Re-creating Old or Lost Logos

Sometimes the original digital logo, the high resolution version, can get lost. We can recreate these logos for you. Send us the best version of your logo you have on file and we will recreate the logo and match the fonts, colours etc. Even if you only have a paper version of your logo we will be able to copy it. 

Modify/Update an existing Logo

Over time a logo can start to look dated and need updating. Also, it sometimes happens that as a business develops the concept of the original logo may not fit as well as it did previously. If you think it is time to update your logo contact us to see what ideas we have.

Logo Design Prices

As a guide the cost of designing a logo is normally between £70-250 please contact us for a more exact quote and talk over the ideas you have for your logo.

Logo design quote