Marketing your Website

How you promote your website is very important. If you do the wrong things or link to websites with a bad reputation you could risk lowering your listing in google and other search engines. In the very worse situation you could have your website banned from search engine lists which well could be a massive blow to being able to contact potential customers.


  • I can optimize your existing website for search engines such as Google.
  •  I will do this by reseaching the keywords that people will use to search for your type of business and then will look through your site to see how we can intergrate these keywords into your existing content. Sometimes this may require adding more content to your site. 
  • f you would like me to look through your existing site and contact you with a quote for the cost of the work involved


  • You can pay to have your business listed on the first pages of Google. This is an advertising method is called pay-per-click advertsing.
  • The good thing about this advertising techniques is that you only pay when someone clicks on your advertment and visits your website.
  • The budget is very flexible and the rates you pay can vary greatly contact us to see what may need to spend to get leads and sales from your website